The annual Inspirational Country Music Awards are voted on by the professional and media members of the Inspirational Country Music Association. This includes: musicians, songwriters, artists, ministers, managers, publicity agents and firms, producers, etc. (anyone who derives their living from music and is actively involved in music or ministry). Radio and other media professionals are also part of the voting process. Our radio members are not paid subscribers. The membership is a benefit for their support and hard work in the genre of Christian and Inspirational Country Music. These professional and media members are eligible to vote in all rounds and all categories of the awards process.

The second level is our Fan Membership. These include fans from around the globe that appreciate Christian and Inspirational Country Music. They are not eligible to vote in the first round. The first round is ONLY for professional and media members. This process ensures that only industry professionals define the most eligible nominees. Fans are eligible to vote in rounds two and three of the process. Fans are only allowed to vote in FIVE categories of their choice. They may choose any five categories to vote in. Once the ballot reaches the accounting firm, any fan ballot with more than five votes is voided.

Our ballots are all sent to Frost Accounting in Chattanooga, TN. Frost accounting is responsible for tabulating ALL ballots. Frost will then report the results to the Inspirational Country Music Association executive offices in Nashville, TN.

2015 ICM Awards Voting Schedule

Round one is a fill in ballot and is only mailed to professional members

NOMINATION BALLOT:  Mailed-out June 10, 2015  (due back July 17, 2015)

TOP 10:  Mailed-out August 3, 2015  (due back August 31, 2015)

TOP 5: Mailed-out September 1, 2014  (due back September 30, 2015)

The ICM Awards currently have 21 categories. They include:

Entertainer of the Year

Award is based on the best individual live performance, recording, staging, public acceptance, attitude, leadership, and overall contribution to Inspirational / Christian Country Music, by furthering the Gospel.

Male Vocalist

Award is based on individual performance on charts, records and personal appearances.

Female Vocalist

Award is based on individual performance on charts, records and personal appearances.

Vocal Duo and/or Vocal Duo Performance

Award is based on the performance of the duo as a unit on charts, records and personal appearances.

Vocal Group or Band

Award is based on the performance of the group on charts, records and personal appearances.

Inspirational Country Song

Award goes to the artist and writer.  Single released solely to Christian/Inspirational Country radio by a Christian Country artist/ ministry.

Mainstream Inspirational Country Song

Award goes to the artist and writer. Best Inspirational Country song released to Country radio and achieving major success at Billboard and/or Mediabase charting.


Songwriter who best exemplifies the Christian and Inspirational Country music field. Award will go to the writer.

New Artist

Award will go to the artist, whether individual or a group of two or more, who for the first time, demonstrated the most creative growth in the field of Inspirational / Christian Country music.


Award is for a musician known as an instrumentalist. The musician must have played on at least one album or single that has appeared in the charts nationally.


Award goes to musician Comedian Award is for the best uplifting, Christian, or Inspirational Comedian.

Radio Personality

Award is for a radio personality who you feel best represents Inspirational / Christian Country music including radio and syndicated programs.

Radio Station

Nominations are open to licensed broadcast stations in North America. Station must devote a portion of their weekly programming to Inspirational, Christian Country, or Positive music.

Video of the Year

Award is for a Video Performance by a Mainstream / Christian artist that contains an uplifting Inspirational message, given to artist and director.

Pioneer/Living Legend Award

This award can only be received once.

Award is given to someone who has contributed years of great success to Gospel music and helped pave the way for Inspirational / Christian Country music. Once the recipient has received this award, he or she is ineligible.

Inspirational Bluegrass Artist

Award is given to the artist / band that best uses the Bluegrass genre in an Inspirational form.

Youth In Music Award

Award is given to artist or group (Must be under 19 years of age) who has shown dedication to further the Gospel through the medium of Inspirational / Christian Country music.

Music Evangelist

Award is given to group or artist who has shown total commitment to changing lives through their ministry. They have dedicated their lives to full time ministry by spreading the message of Christ through song and missions.

Television Network

Network providing Inspirational videos, ministries, and movies that provide leadership and the values of Faith, Family, and Country

Faith, Family and Country™ Inspirational Movie

Award is given to an Inspirational movie that has a message of Faith, Family and Country™. Film can be animated, major, or an independent movie that has touched lives.

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